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A breakthrough in cylinder surface cleaning: “The change was unbelievable.”

May 18, 2020

Corex’s (earlier Corenso) board mill in Pori, Finland is developing its production and equipment continuously. In 2019, one of the development projects was improving doctoring on the dryer section to meet the quality requirements of production.

Valmet and Corex board mill in Pori - cylinder surface cleaning with doctoring solutions
The difference was remarkable! The Bronze nCT blades immediately started to carve the surfaces clean so that slivers were flying at the dryer group. After a couple of days, the change was hard to believe.”
Jonas Nordquist, Production Development Engineer



Location Pori, Finland
Challenge Fines and impurities sticking on the surface of the dryer cylinders. Dirty cylinder surfaces may weaken the drying effect, increase energy consumption and cause quality defects in the end product.

Doctoring audit covering the whole machine. Pre-dryer doctor upgrades from gravity-loaded holders to self-profiling Valmet Doctor Holder Compact holders including removal of doctor beam opening mechanisms and locking their positions with turnbuckles. Also complete maintenance of bearing arrangement. Doctor blades were upgraded to Doctor Blade Bronze nCT blades.

Results Remarkable change in cleaning efficiency. Easier and safer blade replacement. Valmet Doctor Blade Trolley improved the blade storaging.

Doctoring, Board & paper, EMEA

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