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Woodland Pulp & Valmet: Boosted Productivity & Dewatering Capacity

Oct 18, 2021

Strong partnership between Woodland Pulp and Valmet experts results in increased productivity and additional dewatering capacity at the mill

Replacing table blades

Valmet partnered with the Woodland Pulp mill to enhance their table operation and support them in their effort to position themselves as a World class pulp producer. Fiber distribution, drainage capacity and vacuum requirements were addressed and improved.

Over the past 15 years, we have chosen Valmet time and time again because of the people, equipment and capabilities.  Valmet’s Sales and Service teams have partnered with us exceptionally well – they are focused on our needs and are very responsive,” Woodland Pulp

Location Woodland Pulp LLC, United States
Challenge Over the course of five years, several drainage units were in a serious state of disrepair due to the wet-end environment and low pH.
  • Rebuilt each unit starting with the forming board and went through a rotation program to replace all the outdated or damaged drainage units. T-bar materials were changed to FRP.
  • Vacuum system was evaluated.
  • Drainage units were re-engineered for additional dewatering capacity.
  • Valmet’s Poly 8000 polyethylene technology compound was installed to greatly improve blade life and reduce friction with the formation wire. Poly 8000 Outperforms standard polyethylene by at least 4 times and offers tremendous wear resistance.
  • Table blade replacement time dropped from an entire shift to 30 minutes!
  • The table study and upgrade allowed the team to completely remove two flatboxes, saving energy as well as helping increase wire life.
  • Improved fabric life
  • Additional dewatering capacity
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