Customer case:

LignoBoost plant at Domtar's Plymouth mill in North Carolina

Aug 11, 2015

The LignoBoost plant is integrated with the pulp mill and separates and collects lignin from the pulping liquor. This provides the Plymouth NC mill with numerous benefits. Lignin is a high-quality bio-based alternative to fossil fuel based materials. Separation of a portion of the mill's total lignin production also off-loads the recovery boiler, and allows an increase in pulp production capacity.

Our lignin separating process is groundbreaking, as it allows us to offer high-quality kraft lignin in commercial quantities."
Domtar's Richard Mullen, Vice President of Market Development and Analysis


Location Domtar, Plymouth, NC, USA 
Customer challenge Converting a low value stream into potential revenue by separating lignin from black liquor.
Solution The LignoBoost plant started up in 2013 and can produce up to 75 tonnes of high-quality lignin per day as a by-product of teh kraft pulping process. When the lignin is extracted, the load on the recovery boiler is lowered, enabling increased pulp production.
Results Lignin can be utilized as renewable fuel replacing fossil fuels and as new bio-material for many industries. Increase of pulp production capacity by 5% and efficiency by off-loading the recovery boiler.
Keywords  Pulping and fiber, North America, New lines