Customer case:

The Otava navigates in challenging and icy conditions

Aug 12, 2015

The Otava operates in the Kotka archipelago as a commuter and oil recovery vessel. The vessel can navigate in ice that is 30 cm thick and is an irreplaceable help to the residents of the archipelago. The vessel's navigation in icy conditions is facilitated by a modern automation solution provided by Valmet.

Thanks to shore power synchronization, the vessel's engines do not need to be kept running in order to produce electricity. This has a significant impact on energy consumption."
Technical operations manager Ville Wahlroos


Location Kotka, Finland
Customer challenge In icy conditions, reliable operation is paramount. The vessel was designed to traverse 30 cm-thick ice and is currently operating as a commuter vessel in the Kotka archipelago. The 34.9-meter long hull is shaped to minimize fuel consumption. The vessel can undertake oil recovery operations as necessary.
Solution Valmet DNA automation solution with replay functions to review previous trips later on. Valmet DNA Machine Monitoring system to provide required information to the operators/operations staff
Results Reliable operation of the vessel through advanced automation. Better consumption optimized.
Keywords Marine, Europe, Ferries & RoPax vessels, Information management, Power management