Customer case:

Success with the Valmet Acoustic Pyrometer at the Xinyuan Power Plant

Oct 9, 2020

The continuous furnace temperature measurement during the full load is a difficult problem. On the 700MW supercritical boiler furnace at the Xinyuan power plant in China this has been solved with the installation of a Valmet acoustic temperature measurement system.

Continuous acoustic furnace temperature measurement


Location Xinyuan, China
Customer challenge Continuous measurement of the furnace temperatures during the full load.

Valmet Acoustic Pyrometer, an acoustic temperature measurement system.

The system provides a large amount of data on furnace combustion conditions and flue gas temperature distribution.

  • Reduced superheater coke formation
  • Determination of the proper flame height
  • Reduction of possible damage caused by flame deflection
Keywords Valmet Acoustic Pyrometer, Automation, China


2D Temperature field distribution. The system utilizes 2 acoustic generators (ASG) and 8 acoustic receivers (ASR) to determine the temperature distribution in 16 zones of the furnace outlet. The 16 zone temperature information and a 2D temperature field distribution are presented on a control room screen for operating personnel to make the correct adjustments and optimize combustion conditions.