Customer case:

Valmet delivers integrated gas turbine package to Malaysia: One-stop shop for turbine control

May 23, 2016

Valmet’s offer for the growing retrofit market is a one-stop-shop approach to a plant-wide control system. With its help, customers benefit from an open solution that ensures high system availability and cost effectiveness.

One of our strengths is the fact that we provide an integrated hardware and software package – and, of course, all the knowledge and technical support.”
Tom Bäckman, Business Manager, Valmet


Location Sabah, Malaysia
Customer challenge

Obsolete gas turbine control system, lack of technical support and spares.


Valmet gas turbine automation
Results For Sabah, the decision to upgrade its turbine control system with the latest-technology solution will give the plant new tools with better functionality and a more operator-friendly interface. The operators received in-depth training to help them take full advantage of the new system. 
Keywords Energy, Automation, Asia-Pasific