Customer case:

Warping and runnability problems cured in Cartonajes Santorromán

May 4, 2016

Santorromán has a philosophy of constantly investing in infrastructure and technology for the manufacture of corrugated cartonboard and any product that can be made with it. This has led to many innovative products and a well deserved reputation for quality. Innovative products bring new challenges and when faced with a warping problem, Santorromán turned to Valmet for a solution.

The corrugator can now run at its maximum speed and the quality is better. The best recommendation is in-house from the converting machines where you can even hear that the printing machine is running better.”
Jesús Pérez Osma, technical manager


Location Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain

Warp caused by uneven moisture and runnability problems on the casemaker machine

Solution Two Valmet IQ Moisturizers installed for double wallet (5 plies) production, delivery in March 2015

Warp now controlled

Better runnability

No customer reclamations during first year

Keywords Automation, Corrugator, Improvements, Europe