Customer case:

Improved runnability and faster tail threading at Lee & Man

Aug 18, 2015

By converting double-felted cylinders in the fourth and fifth dryer groups to single-felted cylinders, Lee & Man Dongguan Hongmei mill was able to improve the runnability and shorten the threading time of its PM 15.

“We have been paying much attention to energy consumption ever since the project kick-off meeting. As a result, the fan power of supply air after the web stabilizer SR blow box upgrade has decreased by about 30%, while the vacuum level has improved. This has all been made possible thanks to Valmet’s technology,” explains Chen Liming, Senior Manager of the Project Department at Lee & Man.

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1 earlier known as VacRolls
earlier known as SymRun blow box
earlier known as SingleForce Plus
earlier known as LiteCompact

We consider Valmet to be the top supplier of paper machinery and technology. Its strengths include long experience of rebuilds, extensive process know-how, and professional project management.”
Edmond Lee, CEO of Lee & Man Paper


Location Dongguan, China
Customer challenge PM 15 suffered from poor machine runnability and a high number of production breaks.
Solution Valmet upgraded the cylinders to Valmet Dryer Vac Rolls  by drilling and grooving them on site. The rebuild also included new  Valmet Web Stabilizer SR2  blow boxes  and pocket ventilators. The tail threading was also improved with Valmet Tail Threading Single Fabric B3  and doctoring by installing  Valmet Doctor Holder Compact4  blade holder in the first, second and third dryer groups.
Results After a ten-day shutdown, the machine was able to produce 70–90 g/m2 fluting in the very first month after the rebuild with nearly 3% better efficiency than previously.
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