Customer case:

Valmet DNA extends lifetime of paper machine controls at Stora Enso Nymölla

Dec 22, 2015

In May 2015, Stora Enso Nymolla successfully started up its PM2 with up-to-date control technology. In Nymölla mill there are two paper machines and a pulp mill. All processes have been controlled with Valmet DNA for years. In this project the PM2 Siemens S5 machine control system was replaced with Valmet DNA and connected to the existing Valmet DNA automation system.

The start-up was a complete success. Production was sellable from the second reel on. The runnability of the machine was excellent right from start-up."
Peter Fleron, Paper Technician


Location Nymölla, Sweden
Customer challenge Old programmable logics needed to be replaced. Availability of the control system is critical for minimizing business risks. 
Solution Machine Control PLC Replacement with Valmet DNA, upgrade of the existing Valmet DNA system and a operator interface in Valmet DNA for new sectional drives.
Results Excellent runnability. Valmet DNA offers modern operator interface to improve production performance and availability.
Keywords Board and paper, Europe, Improvements