Customer case:

Energy savings with OptiDry Coat air dryers

Aug 19, 2016

In 2014, Hansol Daejeon rebuilt its PM 31 board machine with OptiDry Coat air drying technology. Thanks to the excellent results, Hansol decided to perform a similar upgrade on its PM 32 board machine in 2015. Besides energy savings, Hansol has also seen improvements on their FBB quality; printability is good and visual appearance has improved. Furthermore, runnability has improved and the “folding” effect reduced.

Byung Hak Choi, Production Manager at Hansol’s mill
The PM 32 order was an easy decision for Hansol. Valmet had performed very well and even exceeded the performance targets for the PM 31 delivery.
Byung Hak Choi, Production Manager at Hansol’s mill


Location Hansol Daejon Mill in South Korea 
Customer challenge High energy costs in coating drying

White lined chipboard, folding boxboard

220 - 500 g/m2

For food, cosmetics, and medicine packaging

Solution Removing the old infrared dryers and installing OptiDry Coat air drying technology to PM32

45% energy savings have been achieved.

Removing the infrared dryers has also improved safety and reduced the maintenance and cleaning time at the stations.

Keywords Board and paper, Asia Pasific, Rebuilds