Customer case:

New evolution press walkways improve safety and productivity

Nov 27, 2018

Safety comes first, a safe working environment is always a prioritized target we at Valmet and our customers are aiming at. Visy Pulp and Paper Tumut mill BM10 decided to take their felt change system to next level, to improve safety-at-work and increase production efficiency.

Tumut’s old system was not well designed, it meant large pieces of walkways needed to be lifted to the floor with a crane to be able to change their press felts. This procedure not only made it slow to change the felts but dangerous and harnesses had to be used when walking on the platforms.

Valmet’s smart walkways design makes it possible to work on the walkways without having to use harnesses. This is done with the help of opening flaps in the walkways where now parts of walkways need to be lifted out. Handrails are also designed so they can stay in place. This new design not only makes the felt change safer, easier and faster but also will release operators to perform for example machine cleaning which reduces the duration and costs of shutdown and increases the efficiency of the board making line.

This modification is really helping us and making our operators as safe as possible. In addition, it releases my operators to other duties that they did not have time for earlier.
Simon Vaughan, Production Manager of BM10, Visy Tumut