Continuous control, increased blade life, improved OEE - these are the new features of MTC Sam cut active

Developed to support its customers' business MTC Sam cut active is the Valmet solution to self-regulate and minimize the risk of quality non-conformities in tissue products.

Innovation is part of Valmet's DNA, and among the various R&D challenges in recent years there has also been that of supporting customers by proposing advanced and automated solutions capable of helping operators, even non-experts, in controlling machine performance and finished product quality.

MTC Sam cut active goes precisely in this direction. Like all Sam Operational Solution, this innovation acts as a virtual production supervisor by taking reliable, real-time measurements of critical properties of the raw material and finished product, detecting any deviations from production and automatically adjusting parameters to maintain the high quality of the finished product.

"Through the MTC Sam Cut the operator has the possibility to constantly check the quality of the cut while the machine is running, thus reducing the risk of incorrect separation between logs and/or sheets and avoiding time wasted on manual spot checks. In fact, the operator panel precisely and punctually provides the status of each blade and warns the operator if the contact is not continuous along the entire length of the blades." introduces Daniele Damiani 

With the desire to provide its customers with an even more innovative and high-performance solution, also in relation to the new market requirements in terms of energy saving and sustainability, Valmet introduces MTC Sam Cut active, a system that allows to increase the life of the blades by reducing wear and tear through continuous monitoring of the operation of the technology, thus improving OEE at system level. 

"MTC Sam Cut active automatically adjusts the position of the fixed blade so as to prolong the life of the blades while preserving them from unnecessary mechanical wear. Like a real supervisor, the Valmet solution identifies any possible deviation from what has been set in real time and makes the appropriate decisions regardless of the operator's skill level. Sam thus guarantees an increase in line OEE and extends the life cycle of production assets." Continues Daniele Damiani

"In addition to this function, MTC Sam Cut active provides indications for the blade change and after its replacement adjusts the correct contact point between the fixed blade and all rotating blades quickly and precisely directly by the HMI control in total safety." Daniele Damiani concludes.

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