Neles™ 6D ball valves - Developed to deliver performance

The journey of the Neles 6D ball valve to meet latest 25th edition of API 6D took a little more than two years from drawing to reality. It is one more triumph for Valmet’s carefully managed product upgrade programme. The valve is based on Neles field-proven technology that has undergone development based on the voice of customer – the starting point for all projects related to our valve technologies.

Designed for full coverage

The Neles 6D valve product family allows Valmet to act as a single source supplier for all the customers’ API 6D ball valve needs. We want to ensure the availability of all versions, sizes, and dimensions. We brought to market a full product range that meets the most recent global Codes and Standards. Also, the offering includes API 6DX compliant actuator and mounting hardware.

In addition to the certified reliable performance and high quality that is expected of any valve carrying the Neles brand, the customers’ carbon footprint and ease of living with the valve were among the aspects the 6D valve was designed to address. The entire valve is manufactured by utilizing responsibly sourced parts and components originating from our carefully selected and closely monitored supply chain.

Environmental responsibility

One of the benefits for customers was the possibility to measurably lower emissions across the valves’ life. While fugitive emissions emanating from valves are one of the major pollutants at any site, we want to make a positive impact where it’s possible. We offer a responsible long-term solution for our customers that delivers certified performance in terms of fire safety and emissions. These features among others, makes the 6D a great fit for many of the rising renewable energy applications.  

Experience of ownership

The other important design factor was from the very beginning the idea of simplicity. The Neles 6D ball valve is a product that is easy to live with in the long run. Reliability brings you peace of mind, while the design itself delivers ease and speed when it comes to service and parts exchange. The technical reasons not only makes the product straightforward to select and buy, but easy to live with. In the end that’s the best thing imaginable – industrial design and engineering that makes life effortless!

But design that makes life easier isn’t limited to the physical product alone. The same feeling of trust is further amplified by our strong aftermarket presence. In addition to close physical proximity, thanks to our strong global support network, a wealth of installed base data and up-to-date information brings an added layer of ease to asset management as well. All in all, the driving force behind this program has been the customer experience and experience of ownership.  

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