Taking the circular economy forward - Decreased need for non-renewables

Mar 30, 2020

The main idea of the circular economy is about taking into use as few new materials as possible, using existing material flows longer and minimizing waste.

To promote cascaded use of, for example production residuals, across industries, Valmet offers solutions for new bio-based products that decrease the need for non-renewable materials.

Valmet’s LignoBoost is a well proven technology for producing high quality lignin by separating it from pulp mill black liquor. Lignin is a high-quality bio-based alternative to fossil fuels that can either be utilized in the mill where it is produced or sold outside.

LignoBoost lignin separation technology for pulp mills

Valmet’s LignoBoost concept makes it possible to extract lignin from pulp mill black liquor. The concept has been implemented on an industrial scale and today, there are two full-scale LignoBoost plants in operation.

There are several benefits that LignoBoost can offer. For example, it reduces the amount of lignin, which increases pulp production capacity, and fossil fuels can be replaced with lignin in, for instance, a bark boiler, a power boiler or a lime kiln. Lignin may also become a new source of income for a pulp mill, as green energy produced from lignin can be profitably exported as process steam or power, or simply sold as a fuel. In the future, lignin can be used as a raw material for various bio-based products, such as liquid fuels, plastics, binders, fiber composites, technical carbons and much more.