Axiom™ AMI Stonel models

Model selection guide – Axiom™ AMI Stonel models

To build a model, select one option from each column. Some options in a column are not compatible with some options in other columns. Watch carefully for exceptions.

Example = AMI 96 5D A 02 W RA – x x x x x *

* Some models may include 5-digit suffix for partnership identification

Note: Most Axiom AMI models are no longer available. They are obsolete and have been replaced by Axiom AN. We left the full model chart intact to assist existing users identify their product.

  • AMI33, AMI35, AMI44, AMI92 are obsolete, no longer available.
  • AMI96 and AMI97 with standard capabilities “S” and Wireless link “W” are are obsolete, no longer available.
  • AMI96 and AMI97 are available only in the diagnostics versions, so only those models with capabilities option “D” are still available.
  • AMI71, AMI80, AMI93 are still available.

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