Reel drum covers for tissue machines

Excellent reeling process with reel drum covers and coatings

Roll covers for tissue reeling

Valmet’s reeling solutions include high-precision manufactured roll covers and coatings ensuring excellent runnability and wear resistance in the reeling process. Whether your tissue is light or heavy, Valmet has the ideal roll cover for your reel spool and reel drum.

Excellent runnability and wear resistance

Eliminating the risk of reeling broke

Ensures smooth reeling with excellent reel build-up

Strong and durable reel drum cover for long running intervals 

Valmet Reel Drum Cover Dura composite cover for tissue reeling prevents wear of the reel drum and protects against corrosion. Reel Drum Cover Dura can be used with Valmet iRoll for on-line measurement of parent roll hardness profile and reeling nip linear load profile. 

Smooth reeling with non-stick reel spool cover

Special polyurethane cover Valmet Reel Spool Cover SM is a long lasting cover that ensures smooth reeling in tissue production with excellent reel build-up right from the start-up. It results in minimal wear and material agening to offer years of running time. Reel Spool Cover SM protects spools against wear and tear, and is also available with air-removing grooves. 

Find optimal roll covers for tissue making

Find optimal roll covers for tissue making

Browse this roll cover application tool and easily discover different cover options for your pressing applications in the tissue machine.

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