Portable condition monitoring

Valmet Maintenance Pad

Condition monitoring with Valmet Maintenance Pad

Valmet Maintenance Pad is a portable data collector and analyzer for route-based vibration condition monitoring, predictive maintenance tasks and advanced vibration measurements. The collector consists of a rugged tablet PC, wireless measurement units and analysis software.

Route-based vibration measurements and visual inspections

Advanced vibration analysis tools

Industrial tablet computer with windows operating system

Wireless measurement units for safe and easy data collection

Maintenance Pad is a rugged industrial tablet computer, designed to work as a stand-alone vibration data collector and analyzer without any need for an additional computer or network connectivity. The device can also be used for predictive maintenance/visual inspection routes. Collected data is stored on the Maintenance Pad’s SSD disk. This makes the history data available instantly in the field.

Built-in analysis tools

Maintenance Pad features comprehensive vibration route measurement and analysis tools. Visual inspec­tion routes, containing either status information or manual value inputs, are also available. Advanced vibration analysis tools include custom vibration measurements, data logging, signal scope, cross channel measurement, and sweep tool (peak hold spectra). 1- and 2-plane balancing tool is also available depending on the software package.

Wireless vibration measurements

Up to four wireless vibration measurement units can be connected and measured simultaneously. Wireless measurement units feature a rechargeable battery, built-in memory, and they are IP66 protected. The built-in memory allows the measurements to be used as independent data loggers over long periods of time. Communication between the units and Maintenance Pad is done directly by the tablet computer's Wi-Fi. Three types of measurement units are available for different measurement needs.