Customer case:

Valmet’s diamonds are the grinder’s best friends

Dec 16, 2020

Sappi Ngodwana is the first atmospheric groundwood pulp producing mill to use Valmet’s Galileo grinding technology – with excellent results

“We are grateful for the smooth co-operation with Valmet. They really went the extra mile to ensure our project’s success and I have no doubt they would do it again if similar needs arise again,”
Lofte Grobler, Senior Process Engineer, at Sappi Ngodwana


Location Sappi Ngodwana, South Africa
Customer challenge/driver Increase production efficiency

ŸReplace the conventional pulp stones in the pulp mill’s grinders with Valmet’s innovative Galileo grinding technology. The order included six steel cores with diamond-coated Valmet Grinding Surfaces Galileo

  • Superior groundwood pulp quality
  • Increased production
  • Reduced grinder energy consumption of app 300 kh/T
  • Content of expensive FBWS (fully bleached softwood) reduced from 18% to 15%
Keywords Groundwood, grinding, pulp, dissolving pulp, newsprint, kraft lineboard, performance, energy, conventional pulp stone, remote installation, virtual technology, grinder rebuild, pressure groundwood, atmospheric groundwood, pulp stone, diamond-coated grinding
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