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Remote support smooths out the start-up of Bohui’s new BM6

Jan 7, 2020

The new flexible board machine BM 6 enabled Bohui Paper to switch to printing paper right after initial start-up - with the option of switching back should the containerboard market take a new turn. Both the machine's start up in 2019 and also the conversion to paper six months later were supported with remote expert support from Valmet Performance Center. The over 10 m wide containerboard machine is the widest and largest of its kind in Asia.

Bohui BM6 new paper machine wet end

With these (Industrial Internet) tools, we can connect with world-class experts at any time, use a world-class production line as a benchmark and rank among the best in the world. And this is only the beginning. I believe we’ll gain even more benefits in the future.
Liu Yuguo, Production Director of Bohui

Location Bohui's BM6 in Huantai, Shandong Province, in China

Complete OptiConcept board and papermaking line

Paper machine


Flexibility between board and paper production. 

  • Shortly after the start-up, the output and speed of BM 6 achieved more than 90 percent of the designed capacity and speed.
  • The start-up curve is excellent, and some indicators have even broken the international record.
  • The machine’s high stability, large output and low unit consumption, combined with economies of scale, will increase the profit margin.

Read more about the results in full reference story.

Keywords Paper & board, New lines, China

Bohui BM6 Technical data


Printing and writing papers, recycled fluting and liner

Wire width 10 450 mm
Design speed 1 600 m/min
Start-up  2019