Stora Enso Varkaus orders fully automated, non-hydraulic StreamLine roll wrapping machine

Published Dec 12, 2004 17.00.00 +2 GMT

Stora Enso Publication Papers Oy Ltd. has placed an order with Metso Paper for a StreamLine multistation roll wrapping machine and a rebuild of two existing winders and reel on PM4 at Varkaus mill in Finland. The StreamLine wrapping machine and the winder rebuilds enable a single operations team to control roll wrapping and winding at the PM 4. Start-up of the wrapping machine will be in December 2005.

The fully automated, non-hydraulic StreamLine wrapping machine represents a more environmentally friendly and less maintenance-intensive roll wrapping solution. Hydraulic functions are replaced with electric ones, which eliminates handling of oil, and significantly reduces wrapping machine noise. Elimination of hydraulic systems simplifies maintenance and saves space due to the lack of field piping and hydraulic unit. Moreover, the StreamLine wrapping machine features optimized wrap material selection to provide efficient use of materials, improving wrapping economy.

The StreamLine wrapping machine is equipped with two industrial robots and overlap wrapping, resulting in a capacity of 120 rolls/hour. The new machine will be designed to handle jumbo rolls up to 4320 mm in width and 8 tons in weight. Excellent, wrinkle-free wrapping quality is ensured through unique wrapper feeding and tension control recently developed by Metso Paper.

Stora Enso Publication Paper division comprises three business areas: Newsprint and Book Paper, Coated Magazine Paper and Uncoated Magazine Paper. With its annual newsprint production capacity of 3,6 million tons, the division is world's fourth largest producer of newsprint and newsprint specialties. The division's two machines at Stora Enso Varkaus mill produce 290 000 tpy of newsprint, improved news and directory paper.

More information: Petri Tolonen, Vice President Sales, Paper Business Line, Metso Paper Inc. Tel. +358 40 722 0372