New solution from Metso Paper eliminates barring on machine calender

Published Oct 19, 2004 13.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper has developed a new solution for the costly problem of barring on multinip machine calenders. It is easy to operate and can be applied during normal operation with no losses in production.

Machine calender barring is a common phenomenon that occurs during the multinip machine calendering process. Barring can set limitations to linear load, paper machine speed and total efficiency. It can effect paper caliper profile and the cross machine streaks that come from barring can cause runnability problems in downstream operations.

Barring prevention from Metso Paper will eliminate multinip machine calender barring during the normal production run. Once barring is eliminated, process speed limitations are removed and the total efficiency of the entire line will improve. Barring prevention also eliminates barring streaks that disturb the slitting process in the winder. The complete linear load range of the calender can now be fully exploited without having to limit the product range.

Vibration measurement from an actual three roll calendering process is shown in the graph above. Acceleration, along the y-axis, represents the intensity of vibration (during measurement, the paper machine speed and linear load are constant). At point "A" on the graph, barring is eliminated through the application of Metso Paper's Barring Prevention solution.

For more information: Kimmo Vuorinen Sales Manager, Process Solutions, Calenders, Metso Paper Inc. Tel. +358-40-5641007