Metso Paper sold the first WinBelt Pro winder

Published Sept 30, 2002 15.11.00 +2 GMT

Shotton Paper Ltd., part of the Finnish-owned UPM-Kymmene Corporation, has placed an order for a fully automated Metso WinBelt Pro winder for their PM 2. Shotton Paper is one of the Europe´s largest manufacturers of newsprint, producing over 470 000 tonnes per year. PM 2 currently produces standard newsprint containing 50% recycled fiber. The goal is to convert the machine to 100% recycled fiber in the near future. The 8.7 –meter wide subfloor model WinBelt Pro winder will start up in September 2003.

WinBelt Pro utilizes proven WinBelt winding technology for excellent roll quality, even in large diameter rolls, but offers even more capacity through higher winding speeds and faster sequences, including a 12-second set change.

High-speed winding is made possible by several new developments. The automatically controlled rear drum and belt-bed nip distance offers more stable support of the set and enables new tools to control winding process. WinBelt Pro is also equipped with a proactive feedback vibration dampening system.

The winder will also be equipped with a Metso Paper's Continuous Winding automated function package, including a Butt-Joint Splicer, which allows one-man winder operation. This fully loaded WinBelt Pro system will maximize winder capacity and minimize manual work.

More information: Mr. Ilkka Tuomenoksa Vice President, Sales & Marketing Tel. +358 20 482 7308