We make customer service up close and personal

Reliability is a core element of what we as a valves partner want to provide. Being close to our pulp and paper customers and having an in-depth understanding of their production processes is a prerequisite for good service. As a Resident engineer at a customer mill, I have a unique point of view in terms of customer proximity and understanding.

I am a Resident engineer, which is a dedicated expert – a single point of contact – for innovative and tailored services that our customer might need on an ongoing basis at their site. I am permanently stationed at a well-established pulp mill that has been up and running for a long time, and that continues to set production records every year. On-site I am the sole representative and face of Neles, but after 7 years I am in many respects treated as one of the team here.

The expertise and dedication that we bring to the table, is something that sets Neles' business apart from other valve vendors, and also something our customers value about us in particular. Based on advanced installed base knowledge and experience gathered from a wide range of valve maintenance references from around the world, we can help deliver the best possible processes for lifecycle planning and availability optimization. 

Only when you share the same place of work and same daily challenges as your customer, can you say that you are a truly equal partner. Being a Resident engineer gives me a more realistic and accurate view into the customer’s process. Regular contact ensures that I have a lot of information at my disposal, and that information transfer is faster and more efficient. We not only have an office and service workshop at the mill, but we also keep a stockpile of critical spare parts and valves on-site. This allows us to react faster to any arising issues than what an external 3rd party service provider ever could.

And even though the mill I am stationed at is relatively old, it is constantly being upgraded and updated to meet the modern requirements set by ever-growing production capacity needs. I have seen first-hand how the importance of automation and digitalization have acted as catalysts for change and development. As old valves reach the end of their service life, they are being replaced by ever-smarter valves, further improving their optimization potential. Increased digitalization and cybersecurity are a part of the conversation more now than in the past. Our understanding of the latest technologies, paired with an understanding of the customer’s process and needs, makes us a trusted partner.

Service today is about much more than just mechanical valve maintenance. Where we can really make a difference is the automation and optimization of processes. Areas such as control loop optimization is where we shine. As service providers, we often end up knowing the customers process as well if not even better than they do. In my opinion, being able to offer valve products and services that fit their process and fulfill their specific requirements is what delivering true added value is all about.

I believe that there are three important factors that make us a reliable service partner for our customers; A high quality portfolio of products and services, deep process insight and understanding, and a dedication to fast and accurate service execution. The basis for a strong, long-lasting partnership forms when both parties think of the common good and work towards a shared goal of excellence.  Putting our vast valve maintenance experience and smart methods to work while keeping the customer’s concerns, priorities and needs in mind makes for a winning combination.

Text originally published in 2020, and slightly updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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