Flowrox™ industrial pumps: reliable pumping solutions for all applications

Reliable pumping solutions


Flowrox™ industrial pumps, from peristaltic to progressive cavity and dosing pumps. Minimize downtime with our reliable flow control solutions and comprehensive spare parts. Learn more about how over 45 years of expertise can optimize your process

Over 45 years of industry experience

We deliver advanced pumping solutions for the most demanding process conditions. Our story started over 45 years ago making us industry experts on flow control. Our unique pump design saves energy and water increasing your process availability and reducing total cost of ownership.

Flowrox peristaltic pumps are installed worldwide in numerous slurry applications whereas Flowrox progressive cavity pumps in paste pumping applications. Our Flowrox pump portfolio also includes pumping systems, new smart flow control solutions and comprehensive after-sales services.

Peristaltic pumps for dosing, transferring and metering

The innovative Flowrox peristaltic pumps set the industry standard for peristaltic pump technology. Designed for heavy industrial duties, they are ideal for pumping diverse slurries and dosing a wide range of abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media.

Global pump product support with local presence

We offer prompt support, spare parts and services in order to maximize your pump performance. We manufacture and supply rotos, stators, drive shafts, coupling rods, joint assemblies, bearings sets and sealings. Spare parts are manufactured according to the highest quality and environment standards with more than 25 years of experience.

We provide industry-proven efficiency and realibility based on well-thought-out designs and material selections paired with dedicated service experience. Full product assemblies with service coverage across their entire lifecycle, all from one responsible source, ensure optimized performance.

Our pump offering



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