VII for Energy Efficiency in board and paper making

As energy costs account for approximately 30% of total board or paper machine operating costs, with this solution, our customers get proven energy savings. They can improve efficiency and reduce production costs with value adding applications and expert support. The solution gives you advanced data driven services, which enable optimization of energy efficiency better than before. You can access the applications in your control room via Valmet Customer Portal and our experts through Valmet Performance Center.

Applications and services included in VII for Energy Efficiency solution


Process Performance KPI monitoring

Production and Energy Efficiency benchmarking

Cost Monitoring for Energy

Air System Advisor

Paper Machine Clothing Analytics

Performance Center

  • On-demand expert support to support customer with process related issues 
  • Upkeeping application prediction accuracy and availability 
  • Continuous reporting to customer 

Customer Portal

  • Customer Portal offers realtime access to VII applications and dashboards to follow process performance targets, access advanced guidance on how to run the process energy efficiently and analyze current running status.  
  • Online collaboration and automatic alerts to Performance Center 



  • High energy efficiency offers an effective way to save costs and increase profitability - especially with today's rising energy prices and tightening environmental requirements