Valmet Centerline Advisor

Advanced centerlining application

Centerlining application parameters view

Valmet Centerline Advisor is an advanced application for comparing the current process status to the centerline of the best historical performance. It gives an overview of the main process parameters and helps with detecting, at a single glance, the process alignment and deviations from the centerline.

Increased process understanding

Comparing differences and learning from the best production periods

Reduced variability in quality and stabilized production

Increased machine efficiency

Centerlining methodology utilizes established process settings to ensure a consistent manufacturing process. The objectives are to determine the best settings for the process and to ensure that the best settings are always used during production.  

Valmet Centerline Advisor can be used both for real-time process performance monitoring and to identify interesting patterns, analyze problem root causes, and understanding how process variables affect performance in the long term.  

Centerline Advisor is most useful for operators, process engineers, and other advanced users, whose responsibilities include consistent process, quality improvement, and optimization. The benefits include increased machine efficiency, reduced variability in quality, and stabilized production.