Ajin P&P boosts production excellence with Valmet IQ Moisturizer and Centerline Advisor

Jul 11, 2024

Ajin P&P has invested in Valmet IQ Moisturizer and Valmet Centerline Advisor for its PM2 and PM3, demonstrating its commitment to adaptability and excellence to meet customers' evolving needs.

Valmet IQ Moisturizer helps Ajin P&P boost their production

Ajin P&P, a leading Korean corrugated board and packaging manufacturer, proudly announces the successful integration of Valmet's cutting-edge solutions to optimize its production processes. With a commitment to adaptability and excellence, Ajin P&P has invested in Valmet IQ Moisturizer and Valmet Centerline Advisor, a Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) application, for its PM2 and PM3, marking a significant leap towards meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Adaptability drives excellence

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of customer demands, Ajin P&P has embarked on a journey towards excellence. The company's decision to incorporate Valmet technology drives from its dedication to staying ahead in a competitive market. By leveraging Valmet's expertise, Ajin P&P aims to ensure its production processes can swiftly adapt to dynamic market requirements.

Innovative solutions for enhanced performance

Valmet's solutions are carefully chosen to address Ajin P&P's unique requirements. With a focus on quality and efficiency, Ajin P&P has opted for Valmet's IQ Moisturizer and VII, renowned for their reliability, performance, and ability to seamlessly integrate into existing production lines.

Valmet IQ Moisturizer is a moisturizing system with applications for moisture cross-direction profiling, curl control and smooth moisture level increase. By precisely applying water to the paper sheet, it ensures uniform moisture distribution, ensuring the smooth moisture level and high quality of the end-product. This advanced moisture control also optimizes the efficiency of the drying process, leading to energy savings and increased production speed.

Valmet Centerline Advisor is an innovative VII application that provides real-time insights and recommendations to maintain optimal production conditions. By comparing the current process status to the best historical performance, it helps operators keep the production parameters within desired limits, ensuring consistent quality and reducing variability. This proactive approach to process management significantly enhances operational stability and product quality.

Partnering with Valmet

Ajin P&P's collaboration with Valmet underscores a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Valmet's robust service team and track record of technological innovation instill confidence in Ajin P&P, as they rely on Valmet's solutions to enhance operational efficiency and yield superior results.

Jin-Doo Kim, CEO of Ajin P&P
Dr. Jin-Doo Kim, CEO of Ajin P&P


The integration of Valmet's IQ Moisturizer and Centerline Advisor has been transformative for our operations. We've seen remarkable improvements in product quality and efficiency. Valmet's team has been exceptional in providing support and ensuring smooth implementation, says Dr. Jin-Doo Kim, CEO of Ajin P&P.

This collaboration has proven fruitful, with the integration of Valmet solutions leading to remarkable outcomes for Ajin P&P. Witnessing increased production capacity, reduced reject rates, and significant cost savings, Ajin P&P has not only met but surpassed its targets, setting new industry benchmarks for performance and product quality.

Empowering through automation:

Valmet's automation systems, including QCS and DCS, have played a pivotal role in Ajin P&P's success story. With enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, Ajin P&P has experienced significant improvements in product moisture quality and overall production efficiency.

The hourly production has increased by approximately 19.6%, the finished product reject rate has decreased by about 50%, and the product cost has been reduced by roughly 3.5%. The product 2 Sigma moisture profile was improved by 40-50% depending on the variety, and Valmet Centerline Advisor was also able to improve and stabilise the moisture 2 Sigma.These changes indicate an overall improvement in productivity and cost savings, which will positively impact business performance.

Service excellence

Ajin P&P commends Valmet for its exemplary service approach, highlighting the superior support provided by Valmet's engineers. Despite occasional challenges, Valmet's responsive and dedicated service has ensured smooth operations and minimized downtime.

Looking towards the future

Ajin P&P remains steadfast in its commitment to harnessing Valmet's solutions for continuous enhancements. With a resounding endorsement for Valmet's cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service, Ajin P&P eagerly anticipates a future marked by sustained success and expansion. Reflecting on their collaborative journey with Valmet, Ajin P&P underscores the significance of innovation and teamwork in propelling industry-leading performance. With Valmet as a trusted ally, Ajin P&P is primed to ascend to new levels of achievement, delivering top-quality products and exceeding customer expectations.