Customer case:

Grade conversion at Kotkamills: New innovative board products

Jun 16, 2017

Kotkamills in Finland converted its paper machine into a unique coated board machine in the summer of 2016. The new machine is designed for a wide variety of packaging products, like food, pharma, cosmetics, and confectionery. Being the first coating machine of its kind, it was important to be able to run pilot trials before the final deal. Kotkamills used the opportunity to test the technology and chemicals at the Valmet Paper Technology Center several times – both before making the big decision and after the start-up. Their innovative product development has involved a close partnership with Valmet.

Grade conversion rebuild at Kotkamills enabled new innovative packaging products
From a technology, quality and product point of view this project has been a total success.

We would not have the barrier board product without curtain coating. Kotkamills does not have a large R&D department and our product development has involved a close partnership with Valmet. It is important that the technology supplier has a thorough and detailed knowledge of the coating process.
Markku Hämäläinen, CEO and Stefan Kuni, Research and Development Director of Kotkamills Oy


Location Kotkamills  papermill in Kotka, Finland
Customer challenge Grade conversion from paper to board, meeting customer needs in more sustainable packaging products, making completely new kinds of board products

Folding boxboard and food service board

150 - 400 g/m2

For cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, and disposable cups and plates

Results  The capability to make products that no-one else can with a boardmaking machine. Consumer packages, boxes and disposable cups and plates, the end use applications for Kotkamills’ products vary from food and non-food uses to pharma, cosmetics, and confectionery.

Grade conversion rebuild 

  • Chemi-thermomechanical pulp line
  • Equipment for softwood & hardwood stock line

Scope of automation delivery



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