Flexible service agreement for tissue makers

An agreement to improve your mill operations

Flexible service agreement for tissue makers

We offer a fixed price volume purchase agreement to improve your mill operations. Whether it’s inspections, outage planning, troubleshooting, tuning, optimization, remote monitoring, training or on-site service, a Valmet Flexible Service Agreement offers you easier budgeting at a significant discount. It is a budgeted bank of hours which can be used for any Valmet service – whether on-site or remote, scheduled or emergency.

Predictable maintenance costs

Ease of scheduling

Ease of payment

An agreement to provide field service

The Valmet Flexible Service Agreement is an annual deal between Valmet Service and customers, providing on-site help. It includes a set number of service hours to be used within the agreement period. Customers commit to specific hours for discounts, which increase with higher commitment levels. Additional costs like travel, accommodation, meals, shipping, and rentals are not part of the package but are added to the invoice monthly. Customers aren't required to exclusively use Valmet for all field services during the agreement. 

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Continious collaboration to reach your targets

To get started we meet for task force sessions, to oversee maintenance requirements and the process. During these meetings, we also plan tasks and establish the desired roadmap. Our support options encompass both remote assistance and on-site specialists, ensuring rapid response times.  

The service agreement offers several benefits

  • Substantial Discount: You can enjoy a discount on the regular service rates provided by Valmet 
  • Easy Budgeting: The monthly cost remains consistent, varying only based on actual expenses, making budgeting simpler 
  • Predictable Costs: Monthly maintenance expenses become more predictable as the monthly service cost remains steady 
  • Advanced Scheduling: The agreement enables scheduling well ahead of time, ensuring availability of preferred service personnel for upcoming projects 
  • Convenient Payments: A single monthly invoice encompasses all program costs, streamlining the payment process 
  • Rate Lock: The rates are fixed at the agreement's initiation and shield you from any rate increases during the agreement period 
  • Customized Solution: You have the freedom to choose the number of hours, ranging from 50 to 1,000 hours within the agreement period 

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