Flow control for sulfur recovery

Improving reliability and productivity of your process


Environmental regulations demand that noxious sulfur is removed from fuels and converted to elemental sulfur. At the same time the competitive landscape demands increased production and lower costs. Luckily, Valmet is here to help.

Avoid unscheduled maintenance and downtime

Increase efficiency and reduce waste through control precision

Reduce fugitive emissions


Reliable valves and services for sulfur recovery

Compliance under uninterrupted operating conditions

Failure within an oil refinery’s or gas plant sulfur process can cause plant-wide shutdowns and delays. It is also a fickle process, with a narrow window of operating temperatures. If feed flows are not exact, temperatures will fall below the dew point of sulfur, causing sulfur crystallization that will result in considerable downtime and frustration.

Dew point challenges, and the hassle of shutdown, mean that intervals between scheduled maintenance are constantly being extended. This puts an increased demand on the reliability of valves used in the application.

Hydrocarbon and ammonia carryover to the Claus unit is another important challenge. If carryover is not minimized you will literally burn profit. The right valve selection is critical to optimize efficiency and to mitigate the challenges of fugitive emissions, fouling, and clogging. But, valve selection for control and isolation within the sour gas plant and sulfur recovery unit is about more than just efficiency and profitability – valve leaking and fugitive emissions must be prevented since such failures would create serious environmental and safety risks.

Maximize yield. Minimize maintenance

Stable, flexible and well-controlled sour gas and sulfur processing starts with selecting the right valves. Our valves are specifically designed to tackle the challenges of these processes and keep it running for extended periods by providing the means to accurately control the temperature of the process reactor.

Valmet's on-off and ESD valves will reduce fugitive emissions and comply with the latest standards. The ND9000™ positioner ensures higher positioning accuracy and faster response. For this application Valmet recommends welded steam jackets for their superior heat transfer characteristics.

Accurate valve control even at low opening angles is achieved with unique trim design and offers broad control range and stable behavior that improve air flow to the burners resulting in improved furnace efficiency.

The ultimate process safety and production performance

We understand the valve requirements and challenges of the sour gas and sulphur processing. We’re here to help. Our experts will help you specify the valves and positioners you need to meticulously control process temperature and improve your production output while reducing safety and environmental concerns.