Neles Easyflow™ J4 series 3-piece floating ball valve

Full and reduced bore, threaded, socket-weld, or butt-weld


Neles Easyflow J4 series 3-piece floating ball valves are an economical option to our fully featured products. J4 series provides long, reliable life and a rugged three-piece body construction.

Features and benefits


  • Long cycle life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Single source responsibility with reliable Neles actuators, switches, and controllers
  • Compliance with industry standards


  • Unique low torque seat design provides bubble-tight shut-off through pressure and temperature cycles
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad for direct mounting of handle, gear operator, manual override, or actuator
  • Internal entry blow-out proof stem design
  • Live-loaded spring stem seal provides long cycle life and low emissions with minimal maintenance
  • An extremely tight fit drive between the stem and ball ensures accurate and repeatable shut-off and control
  • Anti-static grounding between ball and stem as well as stem and body
  • Lockable handle available
  • Cavity fill option minimizes media trapped inside the cavity
  • Every valve is factory tested, serialised & quality tagged prior to shipment


  • Chemical and petrochemicals
  • Pulp & paper
  • Food and beverage
  • Water & wastewater
  • Pharmaceutical
  • HVAC
  • Mining


Nominal diameter: DN15 – DN50 (NPS 1/2 –2)
Pressure rating: Class 800
End to end dimensions: Manufacturers standard
Valve ends: ASME B16.11 (Screwed and socket weld ends)
ASME B16.25 (Buttweld ends)
Vacuum rating: 29.91 inch Hg gauge (759.98 mm Hg gauge or 2x10-2 Torr or 4x10-4 psia or 99.99% vacuum)
Leakage: No visible leakage
Standards followed: ISO 17292, ASME B16.34, API 598, BS EN 12266
Testing:  API 598
Safety level:  SIL-3 capable