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Providing full service for your power and recovery plants

North American Services for Recovery & Energy

Valmet provides full service for your Power & Recovery Boiler Plants including incineration of NCGs in Recovery Boilers, with USA boiler tube inventory, tube shields, metal fabrications, pressure parts manufacturing, machining, field & outage services, Recovery Boiler auxiliary equipment and services, spare parts . . . Keeping your boiler plants up and running.

Boiler Services

Boiler Services

Explore the services and parts to keep downtime at a minimum and boilers operating at peak efficiency.

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Field and outage services

Field and outage services

Valmet Field Service experts provide knowledge, experience, tools, and resources that offer security and peace of mind to mill and plant personnel.

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Webinar: Liquor Cycle Optimization

As mills and suppliers have streamlined operations over many years, significant technical expertise has been lost in the industry. As a result, both have experienced the "silo effect" across day-to-day operations, maintenance, purchasing, and financial performance evaluation. This slow migration to disconnected, individually operating units has negative long-term effects on performance. Optimal pulp mill operation is only achieved when any change in a single unit's operation is also evaluated and optimized from the perspective of the entire mill. Changes made in one mill unit operation will always impact the entire liquor cycle.

Webinar: Discover innovative ways to improve recovery boiler safety and efficiency

Improving boiler safety and performance | Working around the liquor guns on a recovery boiler is an area where operators are at risk, with large numbers of lifting and burn injuries being reported annually. To make this area safer, Valmet developed a state-of-the-art liquor sprayer station. Valmet offers a fixed price multi-year agreement to supply new liquor sprayer stations and maintain them in as-new condition for multiple years.

Webinar: Improve Recovery Efficiency and Emissions

Best practices for boiler and liquor tuning | Boiler tuning can enable a recovery boiler to operate more efficiently. The key process components to recovery boiler operation are the combustion air system and the black liquor. Experienced service engineers can make small changes to the boiler operation to optimize efficiency. The goal is to increase reduction efficiency, lower emissions, and lower the ash carryover to reduce boiler plugging. This webinar explains recovery boiler tuning and provides practical examples of how Valmet is working together with mills to maximize boiler performance with our boiler tuning services.

Webinar: Critical insights for recovery air system operations and upgrades

Recovery Air System Operations | The fundamental process components that drive recovery boiler operations are the combustion air system and the black liquor. Changes in the liquor cycle can dramatically impact how the recovery boiler performs, and poor performance may negatively impact emissions and overall operational efficiency. Understanding your air system, the important role it plays in overall recovery boiler performance, and its relationships within the liquor cycle can be beneficial to boiler operators and others involved in chemical recovery.