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Valmet Field and Outage Services

Recovery and Energy

Valmet Field Service experts provide knowledge, experience, tools, and resources that offer security and peace of mind to mill and plant personnel. Responding to the needs of boiler operators, maintenance managers and engineers, these partners earn trust every day in pursuit of customers’ safety, energy, efficiency, and performance goals.

Liquor Spray Station

Liquor Spray Station

Our Liquor Sprayer Station is designed for safe and ergonomic working conditions, better combustion, and optimal operation.

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Smelt Spout

Smelt Spout

Improve the lifetime of the smelt spout and provide a safer work environment.

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Robotic Inspection Services

Robotic Inspection Services

View and track potential defects in capital equipment from up to thirty feet away with Valmet Robotic Inspection Services.

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Boiler Tube Deposit Inspection

Boiler Tube Deposit Inspection

Valmet's Boiler Tube Scale Deposit Measurement Program is an effective inspection service that will enhance your program and help us better understand the deposition within your boiler.

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Boiler Diagnostic Systems

Boiler Diagnostic Systems

High-performance infrared imaging systems and gas temperature measurement tools that enable performance engineers and operations managers to maximize combustion efficiency while minimizing unplanned boiler and furnace outages.

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Smelt Protective Garments

Smelt Protective Garments

Designed for personnel working in recovery boiler maintenance and operations, smelt protective garments made with GORE® PYRAD® technology protect against burns or injury caused by smelt splash.

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Observations from the field

Are you looking to establish a safer work environment, reduce outage time, make environmental compliance easier, or all of the above? Explore some ready-made services that can help you realize ROI on your energy and recovery goals.
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Improving recovery boiler cooling and washing practices

Mill outage lengths are frequently set by the time needed for recovery boiler cooling, washing, inspections and repairs. Valmet can reduce the time needed.
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Expert Services for Recovery and Energy

Liquor to Liquor (L2L) Services

Energy and Environmental Maintenance

MACT & Utility MATS Tune-ups

Custom Metal Fabrications


  • Process Studies
  • Optimization
  • Capacity Upgrades
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Preliminary Design
  • Gas Conversions
  • Circulation Upgrades
  • Thermal Modeling
  • CFD Modeling
  • Advanced Process Control Evaluations

Training Services

  • Valmet Learning Services for Energy
  • Interactive Multimedia training for:
    • Recovery Boilers
    • Evaporators
    • Bubbling Fluidized bed boilers
    • Circulating Fluidized bed boilers
    • Non-Condensable Gas Systems
    • Lignoboost
    • Ashleaching

Other Field & Outage Services

  • Technical services
  • Outage inspection/reports
  • Auxiliary inspection
  • Construction management
  • Troubleshooting & operations support
  • Start-up services
  • Mechanical craft labor and supervision
  • Vacuum services
  • Refractory touch up
  • NDT Mapping
  • Metallurgical analysis
  • Metal spray
  • Restart assistance
  • Engineering and Design
  • Burner Systems
  • Air Port Cleaning
  • Safety Roof
    • Valmet has developed a superior maintenance platform to efficiently meet the requirements of all our customers. The key principles of our design philosophy are safety and simplicity; minimum handling of a minimum number of parts. Our system provides numerous advantages and goes a long way in securing the safety of the working environment inside your boiler.
  • Feeding Systems for Demanding Fuels
    • Valmet has developed a unique solution called the Feedingmaster system. It ensures even, accurately-controlled fuel flow for combustion of demanding waste fuels in fluidized bed boilers. Our unique Feedingmaster system is essential for efficient combustion of difficult fuels like sorted household waste, industrial waste, demolition waste, plastic and paper, etc.
  • Emergency Services and Response:
    • DCS Help Desk Support
    • Service Engineer
    • Pressure parts removal/replacement
    • Boiler Spare parts
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