Machine wide process support and optimization for board and paper making

Audits to tackle energy consumption, efficiency, runnability, bottlenecks, stability and quality problems

Studies for improved energy efficiency

Our unique and versatile expertise in process technology, automation and machine services is combined to optimize your machine’s performance at the maximum level.

Reduced energy and raw material costs

Reduced process variability

Optimized quality and production

No need for major investments

Ensures the smooth running of a machine line in all situations

In the quest for high efficiency, it is extremely important to have the capacity to manage the contingencies or special situations that may arise on the machine line – such as sudden cases of undermanning, trials, startups or a series of breaks. On-site expert support from Valmet is an effective way to reduce the negative consequences of problem situations – or to avoid them completely.

Energy efficiency provides a competitive advantage 

Would you like to know how to improve the energy efficiency of your processes? Valmet’s energy analysis delivers a broad range of expertise designed to improve the energy efficiency of paper and board machines. Our tailored analytical packages can help to curtail your rising energy costs and offer expert assistance to perform efficiency measures. 

Corrective actions based on in-depth analysis for CD profile 

Uneven cross-direction profiles are often the cause of runnability problems, wrinkles, fluttering and slack edges. Our profile studies help to resolve these disturbances. Examining causes and solving profile problems remotely or on-site is one way to achieve more uniform customer roll quality.

Questions about your production line’s performance and improvement potential?

Questions about your production line’s performance and improvement potential?

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Laboratory analyses and on-site optimizations for better quality

 Would you like to investigate end product variations in more detail? Would you like to benchmark the quality of your paper? Valmet’s paper sample analysis helps you pinpoint the variations you should know about in order to optimize paper and board quality.

Stability improvement and cost cutting tool

The ultimate purpose of a process stability study is to save materials and energy. The target is to increase process stability to a satisfactory level. The study can be tailored to find the best solutions for better paper quality or runnability. It also provides tools for ensuring production line stability when changing to a more demanding paper grade.  

Providing the most feasible rebuild scope

When you are planning a rebuild of your paper or board machine, the challenge is to find the most profitable solution to fit the planned investment frame. Valmet can provide a thorough analysis that identifies the bottlenecks and presents the most feasible concepts with investment costs that match targets. The rebuild study identifies the concept, capacity, runnability, quality and vibration issues that typically present obstacles to increasing capacity or changing the grade.

A tool for improving production lines’ runnability, efficiency and paper quality

Runnability problems? Process-related quality problems? A production line audit provides a closer look at your machinery and its known and hidden problems. Prioritized suggestions are given for improving line runnability through finetuning, adopting different operating approaches or making appropriate modifications. 

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