Customer case:

Enhanced controls as a key factor for power markets

Kaukaan Voima, a power plant in Finland, is controlling their power generation with Advanced process controls (APC). The net power control is automated and easy to follow, which guarantees better accuracy of power generation and timing as well as flexibility to quickly respond to power market needs.

Valmet’s solution makes operators’ work significantly easier. Previously multiple controls had to be adjusted, now just one.

New controls enables that the trades are correctly carried out.
Juha Vuolteenaho, Power plant manager
Location Lappeenranta, Finland
  • To response on power market needs on time
  • Make net power control automated and easy to follow
  • Take the full benefit of power market
  • Application to monitor power plant capabilities and deliver the power to the grid on time
  • The application controls power generation automatically to meet power market needs fast and accurately
  • Readiness for shifting to the 15-min imbalance period (ISP, varttitase)
  • Better accuracy of power generation and timing
  • Flexibility to quickly respond to power market
  • At-a-glance overview and control of net power generation under a given time span
Keywords Automation, Advanced Process Controls, 15 min imbalance period

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Antti Myller, Solution Manager


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