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Sappi Maastricht: extremely good quality with new 3-layer headbox and metal belt calender

Feb 28, 2020

When Sappi started the discussions with Valmet for a rebuild at their Maastricht Mill they wanted to improve the end-product quality, cut costs and add new products to their portfolio. Valmet’s unique three-layer headbox and metal belt calender have helped the mill to produce outstandingly white and bulky board, with excellent printability and surface properties.

Sappi Maastricht HBX+Kalanteri web.jpg
“Maastricht is unique, because we combine graphical qualities with the FBB quality of Atelier. I’m not sure if anyone else can achieve this – I’ve never seen it as good anywhere else. There’s no cracking – nothing. The metal belt calender makes the surface superb. We can see the bulk increase, with a good surface. We can produce such a nice, smooth product”
Jos Daniels, Product Research Manager, Sappi
“It’s an enormous cost saving. With three headboxes, you have three wires running with all the water and a lot of chemicals. It’s not only about the investment – you also have to consider the costs of energy, chemicals, and consumables. And, actually, we’re getting even better board now than with three headboxes.”
Tjerk Boersma, Process Technology Manager, Sappi


Location Sappi Maastricht Mill in the Netherlands 

Key technologies

Before the rebuild, the machine concept was verified with pilot trials at Valmet Technology Center. 


A very high-end product range with outstanding quality and folding properties.

  • Three-layer grades with only one headbox
  • Lower investment cost and great operating cost savings compared to three separate headboxes
  • Metal-belt-supported calendering zone gives extremely good surfaces and preserves bulk
Keywords Paper & board, Rebuilds, Europe

Technical data

Grades Graphical, SBS, FBB grades, Atelier, "Brilliance meets fuction"
Start-up  2018