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Advanced board making technologies for Sri Andal Paper Mills PM 4 in India

Nov 7, 2023

PM 4 produces a range of recycled liner, recycled fluting, and corrugated kraft grades, covering a basis weight span of 70-300 g/m2. Valmet's comprehensive delivery included three OptiFlo Fourdrinier headboxes, an OptiPress Linear press section, and an OptiSizer Film size press with a supply system.

Mr. Rajithlal Janaki, Business Unit Head of Sri Andal and Mr. G Chellamuthu, General Manager of projects standing in front of an OptiFlo Foudrinier headbox
The specific capabilities we are looking for when selecting a supplier are technical expertise, customization and flexibility, quality and reliability, innovation and technological advancement, after-sales support and service, energy efficiency and sustainability, cost-effectiveness, reputation, and global presence. Valmet met our requirements and expectations and we decided to go with Valmet for key technologies for the new PM 4 project.”
Mr. G Chellamuthu, General Manager of projects at Sri Andal


Location Tamil Nadu, India

In a stride towards elevating the containerboard manufacturing landscape in India, Valmet delivered Sri Andal Paper Mills with advanced board making technologies for their new PM 4. 

The delivery includes:

To support the project's initiation, a startup package of spare parts and consumables was provided, alongside the Valmet DNA machine control system, Valmet IQ quality measurement system, and connectivity to the Valmet Performance Center together with remote On-Demand Expert Support.

The delivery also included paper machine clothing including formic fabrics, press felts, Valmet Black Belt shoe press belt and dryer fabrics.


The PM 4 started up in December 2022. “There are always challenges and unexpected issues in all major investment projects. In this project Valmet was extremely responsive, adaptable, and helpful in completing the project on time. We stayed on schedule and commissioned and produced sellable material within the allotted time frame.”, says Mr. G Chellamuthu. 

Keywords Paper & board, containerboard, recycled liner, recycled fluting, corrugated kraft, quality, efficiency, Asia Pacific, India 


Technical data

Grades Containerboard: recycled liner, recycled fluting, corrugated kraft
Technical information The design speed of the machine is 650 m/min and the basis weight range is 70-300 g/m2.
Start-up December 2022