Performance center


A customer-centric control center, the Performance Center allows ongoing monitoring of machines installed on production lines throughout the world.

Proactive support

Data-driven insights minimize downtime through cycles of continuous improvement, while remote and on-site support streamline communication and problem-solving, thereby maximizing capacity. 

Enhanced line performance/OEE

Constant Big Data benchmarking and monitoring helps online experts flag deviations from optimal operating conditions and implement corrective actions.  

Time and cost savings

Real-time reporting and data evaluation increase line availability, quality, and performance which results in fewer unanticipated costly events that divert resources (time and money) from productivity. 

Provide a pro-active approach

Equipment data and analysis give expert engineers and company data scientists uninterrupted — and unprecedented — access to information on any given machine’s status. In turn, the Performance Center team can proactively suggest performance improvements to minimize downtime and maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). 

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