Customer case:

Rapid moisture analysis of wood-based materials at Stora Enso, Oulu

Aug 29, 2016

The new measuring method determines the solid content of wood material quickly and accurately. The Valmet MR Moisture analyzer has enhanced the quality control of biofuel and reduced the number of work phases in the Stora Enso plant in Oulu.

Valmet MR Moisture Analyzer at Stora Enso mill
The fast and easy method means that our personnel are able to run measurements whenever necessary. No more carrying samples to the laboratory and then waiting 24 hours for the results.”
Kalle Kärnä, Operation Manager of the debarking department


Location Stora Enso mill in Oulu

Standardized oven drying is very time-consuming.

Need for a faster method to serve the need of real-time quality monitoring


Valmet MR Moisture Analyzer is used to measure bark, woodchips from the mill and from other suppliers, and the sludge of the biological water purification plant.

Samples are identified by barcodes, and the measurement results are transmitted directly from the analyzer to the mill DCS.


Large number of samples are able to be measured in a short time.

More accurate results of the true moisture content of materials.

Data is immediately available.

Keywords Biofuels and biomaterials, Automation, Europe