Major shareholders of Valmet Corporation

Valmet Corporation's stock exchange release on January 7, 2014 at 05:00 p.m. EET

The following table sets forth the 10 largest shareholders of Valmet Corporation that appeared on the shareholder register maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd as at January 3, 2014.

Number of Shares Percent of Shares and Votes
Solidium Oy  16,695,287 11.14
Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company            4,450,126 2.97
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company 2,908,465 1.94
The State Pension Fund 1,720,000 1.15
Nordea Nordenfonden 1,566,531 1.05
Keva 1,543,015 1.03
Mandatum Life Insurance Company Ltd 1,487,381 0.99
Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland rf 1,188,076 0.79
Skagen Global Verdipapirfond 882,429 0.59
Eläke-Fennia Mutual Insurance Company 871,000 0.58
Other shareholders             116,552,309 77.77
Total              149,864,619 100.00

In addition, pursuant to the notification received by Valmet Corporation from Cevian Capital II Master Fund L.P. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Cevian Capital Partners Ltd, Cevian Capital II Master Fund L.P. and Cevian Capital Partners Ltd owned on December 30, 2013 a total of 20,813,714 shares in Metso Corporation ("Metso"), which corresponds to 13.84 percent of the total amount of shares and votes in Metso.Taking into account the fact that no demerger consideration was issued in respect of treasury shares held by Metso, Cevian Capital II Master Fund L.P.'s and Cevian Capital Partners Ltd's ownership in Valmet based on the above-mentioned ownership in Metso corresponds to 13.89 percent of the total amount of shares and votes in Valmet.

Monday December 30, 2013 was the last trading day on which the right to the demerger consideration was included in Metso's share and its price. From Thursday January 2, 2014 onwards, Valmet's share has been traded as a separate share class. In a situation where a shareholder of Metso has sold his/her shares, but the transaction has not been cleared prior to the effective date of the demerger (December 31, 2013), the right to the demerger consideration is transferred to the purchaser of the Metso share in accordance with the general market practice, and the demerger consideration will be transferred on the book-entry account of the purchaser together with the purchased Metso shares after the transaction has been cleared. The normal settlement period for stock exchange trades is three banking days and all trades in the shares of Metso executed with this settlement cycle on December 30, 2013 are shown in the shareholder register of Valmet as at January 3, 2014.

Further information, please contact:
Hanna-Maria Heikkinen, VP, Investor Relations, Valmet Corporation, tel. +358 10 672 0007
Rasmus Oksala, VP, Legal, Valmet Corporation, tel. +358 20 484 3252


Markku Honkasalo

Hanna-Maria Heikkinen
VP, Investor Relations

Valmet Corporation is a leading global developer and supplier of services and technologies for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Our 11,000 professionals around the world work close to our customers and are committed to moving our customers' performance forward - every day.

Valmet's services cover everything from maintenance outsourcing to mill and plant improvements and spare parts. Our strong technology offering includes entire pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bio-energy production.

The company has over 200 years of industrial history and was reborn through the demerger of the pulp, paper and power businesses from Metso Group in December 2013. Valmet's net sales in 2012 were approximately EUR 3 billion. Valmet's objective is to become the global champion in serving its customers.

Valmet's head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

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