Improving operation efficiency for Yueyang Paper with Valmet’s Machine Vision solution

Jun 28, 2023

Yueyang Forest & Paper invested in a Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System (WMS) to upgrade its existing system to meet demanding market needs. After more than a year of operation, Yueyang is very satisfied with the results.


High quality vision and machine runnability

Yueyang Forest & Paper is a producer of high-grade newsprint, offset paper, paint finishing, lightweight coated paper, with an annual capacity of paper up to 40 million tons, located in Hunan province, China. Yueyang has a long history of cooperation with Valmet and a lot of project experience with Valmet.

The PM8 is capable of producing 715 tpd of LWC paper. They have been satisfied since the first automation system which was installed on the PM8 in 2003. In order to remain competitive, they turned to Valmet to upgrade existing web monitoring systems (WMS) in order to further improve end-product quality. The Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System with a total of 20 cameras was installed for the whole machine. After the installation, the resolution of the image has been greatly improved, which is very helpful for the operator to quickly analyze the root cause of the web break.

“Project execution is also very important. For every project with Valmet’s automation team, Valmet engineers always provide great support and are very responsive. They actively communicate with us about technical aspects starting from the very beginning of preparation, execution, and after. And with Valmet’s web monitoring system, we are able to analyze web breaks faster and take instantaneous corrective measures, that help to improve line efficiency as well” says Mr. Ren Jianfeng, Automation Manager of PM8.


 Ren Jianfeng, Automation Manager,Yueyang Paper 


Comprehensive automation solutions bring excellent results

The whole production line is using Valmet DNA, equipped with consistency measurements, HB Ash measurement, IQ Dilution system, IQ Steam profiler, quality control system which includes the measurements for Basis weight, Moisture, Ash, Caliper,Web Gross, and Web Color. And IQ Web Monitoring System (WMS)which is designed to gather additional information about the causes and sources of web failures.

“The integrated automation solution significantly improved operational stability and machine runnability. Meanwhile, it is very user-friendly and easy to do the maintenance. The measurement is very accurate, which gave a good basis for advanced analysis in different processes. Ultimately, it optimizes control performance. ” Ren Jianfeng concludes.