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Valmet Electrostatic Precipitator is a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for removing dust particles from flue gases. This heavy-duty solution uses high-voltage electrical fields (up to 150 kV) and is suitable for a wide range of temperatures - up to 420°C for large capacities. The solutions range from small upgrades to very large new installations.

Dust emission guarantee < 10 mg/Nm3

Equipped with the only well-known DCS-based ESP control system

  • Fully integrated into the main DCS
  • Online operation monitoring via remote access
  • Process and power optimization and analytics services vwith Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) solutions

High product quality of emission and collection electrodes ensured with in-house production

Innovative control unit and process optimization

Combination of Valmet’s process and automation technology enables unique ESPs with Distributed Control System (DCS) based monitoring and controlling applications. This features a full remote-mode capability to support the customers’ process optimization, energy efficiency and maintenance anticipation targets.

With the introduction of the Valmet Industrial Internet applications, process optimization has entered a new level.

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Case Metsä Fibre, Äänekoski mill, Finland
ESPs for recovery boiler and lime kiln
Start-up: 2015
Fuel: Black liquor (recovery boiler), gasified bioproduct gas (lime kiln)

Solution delivered:

  • Recovery boiler 7200 tDs/d: four chambers, five field ESP units
  • Lime kiln 1260 t/d: one chamber, five field ESP units
  • Valmet DNA ESP control
Emission guarantee: < 25 mg/Nm3

Key benefits:

  • Low dust emissions. Significant energy savings gained thanks to the introduction of a Valmet Industrial Internet based Power Optimization application.


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Case Jyväskylän Energia, Alva, Finland
ESP for combined heat and power plant
Start-up: 2015
Fuel: wood and peat

Technical details:

  • Gas flow: 141.5 Nm3/s
  • Temperature: 155 oC
  • Dust (in): 11.3 g/Nm3 @ 2.5% O2 moisture
Emission guarantee: < 20 mg/Nm3

Key benefits:

  • Meeting the industrial emission directive limits and thus expanding the lifetime of the power plant.


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Case Södra Cell, Värö pulp mill, Sweden
ESP upgrade
Start-up: 2016
Fuel: Black liquor (recovery boiler)

Solution delivered:

  • Adding a third ESP unit
  • Heat recovery

Key benefit:

  • Efficienctly meeting the needs of major expansion the the pulp with increased recovery boiler capacity from 2500 tds/d to 4000 tds/d. 


Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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