Mill maintenance operations audit for board and paper machines

Benchmarking increases availability, profitability and improve safety


The maintenance operations audit offers a global benchmarking and a prioritized development plan, providing a holistic view for pulp, energy, tissue, board and paper industries. This audit aims to enhance the maintenance planning by incorporating realistic and efficient target setting. The audit report identifies key focus areas and provides a preliminary estimation of the required time and resources. This report serves as a solid foundation for future planning. A well-functioning maintenance process not only enhances safety but also boosts mill uptime.

New prioritized development proposals and actions

Realistic and efficient target setting for maintenance

Good basis for maintenance planning for the future

Improved maintenance planning process saves your own resources and ensures cost-efficient maintenance work

The maintenance audit at your mill or plant can lead to improved maintenance planning process resulting to better utilization of own resources and more cost-efficient maintenance works. It can also help to increase in the share of planned shuts in comparison of unplanned shuts which leads to reduction of maintenance costs and increase in uptime.

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It takes five steps to create a benchmark and a development plan

How do you reach the production targets without making any major investments? How can you optimize the maintenance work and reduce maintenance and labor cost? Do you want to improve plant reliability? Or do you want to ensure safe and sustainable maintenance operations? With our well-established audit process, we can create a benchmark and a development plan for you!

  1. Questionnarie to the mill/plant
  2. Audit at the mill/plant
  3. Analysis of the collected information 
  4. Reporting of the results and recommendations
  5. Maintenance development co-operations

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