Customer case:

Successful QCS migration leads to second system ahead of schedule

Dec 29, 2015

Faced with replacing an aging quality control system on board machine 3, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper selected Valmet* because of its innovative sensor technology, especially the direct coat weight measurement. The results were so good that within a year they replaced a second quality control system on BM2 ahead of schedule and report being very satisfied with both deliveries.


* Metso until April 1, 2015

Our production people are really satisfied, the CD and MD controls are working really well and it is now very quick to set individual coat weights. The operator’s job is now much easier.”
SJ Lin, Engineering and Maintenance Director (second on the right)


Location Haishu Industrial Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China
Customer challenge Original quality control system needed replacing as spare parts were getting difficult to obtain. Additionally the mill needed a more accurate measurement of coat weight.
Solution Valmet IQ quality control system with direct coat weight measurement
Results As well as quality, the Valmet IQ system contributes to better machine control. The results were immediately impressive and after only six months the mill decided on a repeat order for BM2.
Keywords Automation, Board and paper, Improvements, Rebuilds and upgrades, China

Valmet IQ Coat Weight Measurement

Benefits to the papermaker

  • Accurate, high resolution (1 cm) profiles on the first scan ensure precise MD and CD coat weight controls and excellent quality soon after process upsets, like startup, grade change or breaks. 
  • For coated board applications, the direct coat weight measurement accuracy is better than traditional oven dry basis weight differential methods.
  • On two sided film coating applications both sides can be measured simultaneously, allowing paper makers to adjust coating application for the best sheet properties on each side.
  • No additional sensors are needed to measure direct percent moisture.
  • The single-sided sensor can be located in tight locations on a one-sided scanner.