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Sappi Alfeld PM2 - Versatile specialty paper machine after successful grade conversion

The Sappi Alfeld Mill in Germany expanded into the market of specialty papers by rebuilding its one remaining graphic paper machine into specialty grades.

We are really happy all in all with how it has gone and we have had splendid support from Valmet whenever we have needed it during the installation and start-up phase.”
Wim Devens, Manager of central technology and engineering, Sappi
Location Near Hannover, Germany
Customer challenge Decline in graphic paper demand

Rebuild project to convert graphic paper machine into specialty grades.

Results PM 2 is a world-class totally on-line speciality machine with wide basis weight range and a production speed with 1,200 m/min.
Keywords Board and paper, Europe, Rebuilds

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Alfeld PM 2: A "special" star is born

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