Customer case:

Measurement upgrade improves retention control at Suzano Limeira

Dec 16, 2021

Since the start-up of their PM02, Suzano's Limeira mill in Brazil has been using Valmet's wet end analyzers. Thanks to the good results achieved with Valmet wet end optimization strategy, the customer upgraded the old RMi's with Valmet Retention Measurements (Valmet RM3) to further improve the retention control and measurement accuracy. PM02 is one of the biggest and fastest offset paper machines in Brazil.

Retention measurement upgrade
The example which I bring here is from PM02, but important to say, we are getting excellent performance also with Valmet RM3 installed at the PM01. That’s the result of the job in synergy between, instrumentation and quality teams, supported by Valmet.
Carlos Lomba, Maintenance specialist engineer, Suzano Limeira


Location Limeira, Brazil
Challenge Maintain the good retention control results also in the future.
Solution Upgrade the old RMi's to Valmet Retention Measurement (Valmet RM3).
  • Stabilized retention control on the PM02
  • Cost savings with retention aid
  • Reduced number of paper sheet breaks
  • Following the Valmet wet end optimization strategy
Keywords Wet end optimization, Retention measurement, Upgrade, Automation, Brazil