A Message from your Valmet Aftermarket Cleaner Team


During these challenging times we know you are pushing yourselves and your systems to the limit. Thank you for what you do and for continuing to provide essential services for everyone.

We want you to know that we are here for you, however, you may need us, 24/7 today and every day. Valmet experts can assist you remotely or on-site. Our global inventories remain available for immediate shipment during this demanding operational time. We can also assist in performing an off-site, partial review of your cleaner system should you encounter production issues.


Get to know the Hydrocyclone Process Engineers that mills rely on across North America:

Meet Mark Shields

With more than 22 years of experience working directly with cleaner systems and papermaking equipment, Mark oversees Valmet’s North American team of Hydrocyclone Engineers. Mark and the team serve as engineering and product support to assist customers with system process, optimization, field service representation, cleaner maintenance, cleaner replacement parts and inventory needs. Together, this team of hydrocyclone experts works closely with mill teams to design support packages specific to their maintenance, operations and inventory specifications.


Meet Jacob Hallgren

Jacob is a graduate of University of Maine at Orono where he studied Mechanical Engineering Technology. Spending much of his life living and/or working near the pulp and paper mills in the Northeast, he considers himself a student of paper history. Jacob serves his country in the Maine Army National Guard, and his customers as part of the Field Service, and now, Hydrocyclone Process Engineering teams within Valmet.


Meet Cael Hansen

Cael is a graduate of Michigan Technological University with a BS in Chemical Engineering. As a Hydrocyclone Process Engineer, he will support Valmet customers by providing system optimization and ensuring their systems operate at peak efficiency.


Meet Shane Strickland

Shane is a graduate of Tri County Technical College with a degree in Engineering Technology. Shane has the passion to help others. As part of the Valmet Hydrocyclone Process team, Shane excels at studying customers’ mill applications enabling him to provide cleaner support and system optimization.


Meet Tyler Tanko

Tyler is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a BS in Paper Science and Chemical Engineering. He has experience working in the paper industry and as a Hydrocyclone Process Engineer, Tyler is dedicated to providing customers with the technical support and solutions they need to keep their cleaner systems operating at peak performance.


Meet Ben Wolfe

Ben is a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Business. His responsibilities include providing customer support in Hydrocyclone installations, as well as process optimization.


Renewable cleaning performance

Renewable cleaning performance

Every mill strives to improve runnability and reduce fiber losses, but what about your environmental impact? Developed in cooperation with an industry-leading plastic manufacturer, Valmet Green Line Cleaner technology was produced using a carbon-neutral plastic material.

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