Customer case:

Long term service agreement ensures smooth running of the world’s largest renewable diesel plant in Singapore

Jun 9, 2016

In 2010 Valmet* delivered a comprehensive automation and safety solution to Neste's renewable diesel refinery in Singapore, the world's largest renewable diesel refinery. Since the November 2010 start-up, a Valmet service agreement has provided local and remote support to ensure reliable plant operation. Located in the Tuas industrial zone in the southwest of Singapore, about 30 minutes from downtown, the refinery has a capacity of 800,000t/a of NExBTL renewable diesel.

*) Company and product name Metso until March 31, 2015.

I have to say, Valmet's customer care response model is very effective, we can reach whenever we need, even midnight, weekends or holidays."
Chee Kee Chien, Neste Maintenance Manager


Location Neste's renewable diesel refinery in Singapore
Customer challenge Ensure reliable plant operation
Solution Valmet DNA and a long term Valmet service agreement.

Valmet's state-of-the-art automation system has eased the operators' working load.

"No matter routine, daily maintenance support, or emergence trouble-shooting occur, Valmet always give quick response. Typically Valmet has an on-site engineer, he is required to resolve the situation immediately, if the problem is complex and beyond his scope, he will connect to experts in Finland or global, for remote expert resolution." says Chee Kee Chien, Neste Maintenance Manager.

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