The first million tons of recycled fuel utilized at the Lahti Energy Kymijärvi II power plant in Finland - Valmet's gasification technology supports circular economy

Lahti Energy's and Valmet Oyj's trade press release on September 7, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. EET

The Lahti Energy Kymijärvi II plant reached a new technology milestone when the first million tons of recycled fuel was used for electricity and heat production at the plant. Through collaboration of Lahti Energy and technology supplier Valmet the new gasification technique has been implemented as a commercial solution, which has an important role in Lahti Energy's production.

During over four years of operation the Lahti Energy Kymijärvi II gasification plant has processed more than one million tons of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) produced from waste. The amount is big enough to cover 150 football fields with layers 100 meters of thickness.

The SRF used is processed from household, industrial and retail waste. The fuel has an excellent thermal value and included plastics, paper, carton board and wood. Recycled wood accounts for about half of the recycled fuel.

"The gasification plant supplied by Valmet enables to reduce Lahti Energy's CO2 emissions by a total of 250,000 tons annually. Each year, 140,000 tons of coal can be replaced by renewable fuels. The purchase price of this amount of coal would be approximately 10 million euros," says Hemmo Takala, production director at Lahti Energy.

The Lahti Energy Kymijärvi II power plant is the largest operating recycled fuel gasification plant in the world and counts among the most modern combined heat and electricity production plants in Europe.

Valmet supplied the recycled fuel gasification plant to Lahti Energy Kymijärvi II power plant. Valmet's supply included recycled fuel gasification process, gas boiler and flue gas cleaning system with auxiliary systems and automation system for the whole power plant. Recycled fuel is turned into product gas in the gasifier. The product gas is cooled and cleaned and then combusted in a high-efficiency gas boiler to produce steam for a steam turbine. Harmful components contained in the product gas are removed before the product gas is combusted in a traditional power plant process, which makes the method extremely efficient.

"The Kymijärvi II plant is a very important technological achievement and reference for Valmet and the Finnish technology exports. Thanks to experiences gained during the venture, the performance and reliability of the plant has been improved through technical modifications and by introducing new ways of operation. This has had a significant effect in achieving the high availability of the plant," says Juhani Isaksson, responsible for gasification technology at Valmet.

The first million tons of recycled fuel was used for electricity and heat production at the Lahti Energy's Kymijärvi II plant at the end of August.

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