Safety, a key driver in product development for Valmet Refiner Segments – Pro safe

Dec 22, 2021

Valmet invests in a positive safety culture, constantly improving its products and practices towards the company’s common goal of zero harm to people and environment. One of the latest safety-driven innovations is Valmet Refiner Segments - Pro Safe.

safety-driven innovations - Valmet Refiner Segments - Pro Safe

Valmet Refiner Segments - Pro Safe are up to 75% lighter in weight than traditional cast refiner segments, providing a safer, easier way to remove and install refiner segments during refiner plate changes.

“Segment changes often result in back, shoulder and hand injuries, as a standard individual segment can weigh up to 25 kg. The weight of our standard Pro Safe segment is only 5-7 kg, providing an easier lift and better ergonomics during mounting. Pro safe segments reduce the time it takes to change segments which in turn decreases maintenance costs, while ensuring a safer way to operate for personnel”, says Michael Lehrmann, Global Technology Manager at Valmet.

Moving refining performance forward

With more than 10,000 refiners installed worldwide, Valmet is the global industry leader in low consistency refining technology, services, and expertise. Among the vast portfolio of refining solutions are the widest, most flexible array of refiner segment options, with patterns and alloys to fit every refining application.

“Our experienced specialists worldwide utilize our 7-step refining optimization process to identify the ideal pattern and alloy solution that fits the customers’ refining system. With our thousands of pattern options and more than 50 alloy selections the possibilities are nearly endless”, Lehrmann continues.  “Our products are designed to move our customers’ refining performance forward. In addition to improved safety, the use of Valmet Refiner Segments - Pro Safe helps to improve fiber development, lower energy consumption, and extend segment life.”

For more information, please contact:

Michael Lehrmann, Global Technology Manager, Fiber Process Parts, Services, Valmet